Tomatoism is a member of the japanese “kusoikore” scene. He released an album “I AM TOMATO” on free dl and limited edition CD on Neetspeak :

He kindly answered my interview in English and I thank him a lot for this!

1 – First could you introduce yourself to people who don’t know about your music? 

floppie LiveSet @TRIANGLE Osaka Kusoikore 3

Floppie is my old name. this is a liveset of my final gig as Floppie (editor’s note : this was the release party for the compilation “Kusoikore 3” which took place end of 2016 at Osaka. The Kusoikore 3 compilation can be downloaded freely: ).

2 – Your music displays very varied types of music even though we can feel it’s very light-hearted and upbeat overall. Could you tell us about your musical influences? 

When i was a high school student, i listened to j-core mix by D-tor. (
I liked anime song remixes since long before but i got a crush on uk hardcore sound when i listened to that mix. I can’t forget that experience! After that, i studied many uk hardcore/happy hardcore/oldskool tunes. Hardcore sound is the most influential to my music.
My favorite is :
But basically, I get tired of things very quickly lol.
Some years ago, i made many hardcore tracks however now, almost none. I like many styles of music. Now i’m crazy for prog house, so i’m making prog house tracks. This is a natural process i think but in the other hand, my skills won’t excel at a specific style. This is one of my problems haha…

3 – I saw an album of yours on bandcamp some months ago but your soundcloud now says your first EP is to be released soon with no mention of your first release, what happened?

I’M A TOMATO is not first EP, that is  a first album lol (editor’s note : this explains that I didn’t figure.)

4 – Could you give pointers to beginning producers?

I am still a beginner lol
If we like music and keep making music,  we can be great producers! I hope so!
For the record, i couldn’t make any decent music the first two years after I started producing tunes. I have no talent but now i became good a little. Continuity is power!

5 – You performed under two names, Floppie and Tomato-chan, could you tell us more about the two entities?


Floppie is my old name. I don’t use it anymore but when i make a very sucky track, i upload it on my floppie soundcloud account haha.

Now, my main name is tomatoism. it is solo project by tomato-chan! (too confusing lol)

6 – You’re part of the japanese underground electronic scene alongside the likes of CDR, Cyte etc… could you introduce this scene to newcomers?


Our scene is called kusoikore and we love lolicore. Kuso means shit in japanese.
We are making distinctive breakcore/lolicore and stuff.
It is difficult to explain with words so i recommend to listen to these links instead 🙂 : (Edit : Tomatoism informed me that this is not kusoikore but high quality lolicore so here.).

7 – How are genres like breakcore , J-Core, kusoikore etc perceived in japanese society?

All of them are very underground. J-core is a little more popular for video game soundtracks (sound voltex, REFLEC BEAT, osu! etc) and gamers. 

8 – What are your projects in the future?
I want to promote my track on xKito Music channel lol

9 – Last words are yours!
Thanks for reading!


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