What the heck is Moessacre?

Moessacre is a label, and webzine structure created to promote great artists passing under the radar of a broader audience. It is mainly focusing on artists who live in remote areas and can’t promote through touring etc.

The structure has started in early 2017 and is now running properly. It is ran by your host H.C.L (Nihilkult, Goodbye Neko, Maximator, Primordial Avantguarde).

Moessacre looks for artists in many styles, mainly from extreme and experimental styles of music but don’t think it just will release noisy stuff, in the end it really depends on if i like it or not and I listen to stuff as varied as harsh noise or thrash-metal to chiptune or trip-hop so just try your luck.

Don’t hesitate to send your demo or interview / review request on moessacrerex@gmail.com




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