Harsh Noise Movement Rec is a very prolific label which released tons of Harsh Noise Wall records but not only, far from that.
Q1 – First of all , could you tell us about yourself?
A: I am HNM. I have been fucking around with experimental sounds since the 1980’s by recording on shitty home tapes. I then started doing “noise” in the early 90’s by using an array of objects but still recording on crap home equipment.
Q2 – What made you decide to start HNM Records?
A: HNM Records started as an outlet for my own Harsh Noise Movement project, then it progressed to having a few other artists releasing stuff on it. The rest is history.
Q3 – You mainly release harsh noise walls but not only, do you have a kind of “editorial line” or do you just publish what you feel like publishing?
A: There is no “editorial line”. If I think it’s good, it gets released. It doesn’t matter if its straight HNW or other styles of music. There is no strict blueprint for what style HNM Records has to stick with. Having said that though, it is a noise label, and noise is the main focus and will continue to be.
Q4 – If you had to give us a top 3 among your label’s releases , what would they be?
A: That’s a pretty hard question to answer, as I personally like all of the label’s releases. If I had to pick 3 though, they would be: Macronympha’s Macrocanibalismo album, Vaginal Pentagram & HNM’s Justice For Jim split EP and the T. Mikawa & HNM split album. (editor’s note : I listened to Macrocanibalismo and I must say it is reallly good indeed)
Q5 – Would you have any advice to give to newcomers in handling a netlabel?
A: I would prefer to call HNM Records just a label, all record labels nowadays are classed as “netlabels”, which I think is a stupid classification. I could understand it being called that if the label released solely digital albums, but my label brings out mainly physical releases so I would just call it a record label, period.
As for advice, just do your best, bring out things that you like and have fun with it. That’s all I can say on that subject.
Q6 – What are your projects with this label in the future?
A: There are some planned releases which may or may not surface in the future. Eugene Chadbourne said he was going to release an album on the label, but ran into technical difficulties. Hopefully that will still be a thing. Quite a few exciting split releases are in the works. Apart from those, it’s pretty much what is submitted to the label on a day to day basis.
Q: 7 – I have a fire EDM mixtape with build-ups and lyrics about partying all night with drunken girls shouting “WOOOO” during said build-up, should I try my luck with HNM records?
A: Hahahaha! Maybe you should try your luck releasing that on the MuteAnt Sounds label! 😉
Q8 – You also have a noise project under the name Harsh Noise Movement. How many releases do you have already (seems there are quite lots of it).
A: Well, counting the split releases, I would say there are over 150 so far, maybe more, I lose count now. Plus there are Harsh Noise Movement albums on a lot of other labels including Blackened Death Records which has released 8 HNM albums so far. Probably, by the time this interview has been published, there will be more HNM albums released. I like to get what I work on out there fairly quickly so I can move on to the next project.
Q9 – Could you tell us more about how you make your tracks? 
A: I use pedals, guitar, laptop and a magical dwarf named Twinkles to make my noise.
Q10 – Last word is yours 🙂
A: Thanks for the interview and the last word shall be…. Turtle.

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