I downloaded that on a whim after hearing an excerpt of this ep in Tsundere Violence’s website.

This didn’t disappoint me. It’s hard for me to classify this somewhere (maybe someone more knowledgeable in electro niche-genres would be able too, I don’t know). This 3 track piece sure is not to put in every ears (but hey, hello, Tsundere Violence release here, it’s to be expected). It’s noise, but too “melodic” and structured to be classified as noise, kinda “trap” (or at least I find a kind of feel like that regarding the rythm) but it’s way too noise to be even remotely treated as such. It has something of dark ambient as well but , again, way too noise to be classified as such.

All in all I must say the whole record really deserves it’s title. Anxiety attack is the first thing that can come to mind listening to this. It’s really well executed, kinda “mechanical” without repeating the same pattern over and over again, aggressive and dissonant but still holding it’s own in something that can be called a song, unlike usual harsh noise or harsh noise wall productions. The three tracks have a clear progression and seem to be connected to each other if listened to without break. I can definitely say that the guy (guys?) behind Psychstey know what he’s doing.

It’s a very good surprise in my book and I sure will keep it in my hard disk for a while.

The EP can be found there : Unfortunately I couldn’t find the contact of this Psychstey. Mr Psychstey, if you read me, throw me a message, I would definitely love to give you an interview.

My subjective note : 8/10




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