“Monte Carlo 1959.

The crowd was here , shaking the little finger to no end (in reverse). The Jovet Ensemble was also playing in reverse. Only monsieur Jovet was singing normally, his swinging voice filling the ballroom with non-reversed feellings.

Suddenly, some maniac dressed only with a hood arrived with a weird device and started blasting a sonic tornado on top of the reverse-jazz. The whole ballroom was taken away, the crowd flying (in reverse) still shaking their little fingers as if nothing was happening.
The orchestra , ignoring the whole ruckus, kept playing , reversing the tornado again and again until the hooded man stopped his device and left the ballroom. Only to come back again…and stop….and come back again…all the time of the show, reaching a climax during monsieur Jovet’s famous hit “I know”, building up such tension that the tornado reverse-destroyed the roof!

In the end of the evening , everyone’s haircut was looking like Z after meeting Marcellus Wallace and their clothes seemed coming straight outta Verdun. But who cared, everyone was very happy!

And everyone screamed : “!tevoJ rueisnom icreM ” ”

My very subjective note : 9/10 (but keep in mind that I’m a sucker for jazz and noise so when both collide I easily get a hard on).

You can throw an ear on this UFO (and buy it) here :


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