CDR – ACIDCORE 2016 (RDC-204)


This release illustrates this very well because it’s so good and so rhythmically frantic you can just keep “AAAAAAAA”ing all over it, ending up pathetically laying on the floor drooling your yesterday disgusting pre-chewed stock of pocky which will make that asianchickyouwantedsohardtogetbecauseyoureapatheticweeaboo Tomie leave you drowning into it and laugh at you because she’s fucking Tomie what were you thinking!!!

*Alex Jones cough*…..excuse me.

The album is mostly kinda dark but with lighter parts here and there. We can clearly hear that CDR is a producer for almost 20 years, the whole thing is perfectly mastered from A to Z and there is not one single track to throw away.

The whole album consists mainly in top class breakcore/acidcore which will literally drill your brains out (“Benzarin Acid”), but you’ll get tracks which perfectly mix aggression and atmosphere (“999″and “Jinbeizame”, my favorites), more “dance-able without collapsing in front of Tomie”  stuff (“808 Steta”) and you have retro “woos” and “yeahs”going crazy which is always welcome(“Break Beat”)!
All the album is coherent and manages to not be boring or redundant any single second.

I urge you to at least throw an ear on this and trust me, this album is way worth the 303 little yens required to grace your hard drive with it! (the CD is unfortunately sold out and I doubt any re-release is gonna happen.)

You can listen and buy the album here :

My very subjective notation as a CDR fanboy : 9/10


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