EDGELORD – Xenophilia (Tsundere Violence)

The man  behind Edgelord sent me a link to his album to review and well, I’m thankful because I spent a good time listening to it.

As I said in a previous article, I’m not an expert in electro subgenres so I’ll just try to describe what I listened to the best way possible. It’s definitely a very professional work and I think Edgelord would totally deserve to get a label able to release a pro-cd album from him. The music is like the cover artwork : it screams “aliens and space trips” all over the place.
The whole thing starts with a kinda “acid” and rythmy tone to it, especially “Ant-hill proxemics” but it evolves quickly into something much more ambient with “spacy” “airy” synths making the listener think of… aliens and space trips (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). The “acid” touch remains even though it quickly gets much less prevalent in my opinion. It also have something kinda “experimental” in it (not the “experimental as an excuse to make lazy shit” kind) especially on “Laxaria won’t miss me”with it’s spoken parts. One can also feel some breakcore influences but it’s certainly not the focus there.  This album as a whole has a kinda narrative feeling to it, the last track “Sheepdog on glitter” sounding really like some kind of sci-fi movie final climax when the hero gets lost in some unknown area of the Universe.

All in all a very well thought and well put together work, I didn’t get bored any minute. If you’re looking for a space trip or just some fucking great electro which doesn’t destroy your brain with fat kick drums all around (don’t get me wrong, I love white noise with boom boom ) , this album is the way to go!

Totally subjective note : 9/10.

You can get this album for free download here : http://tsundere-violence.webs.com/releases.htm


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