I got almost out of breath saying this album’s title. Scott Lawlor seems to be well known in the dark ambient / experimental / noise scene. (I didn’t have the chance to listen to his work until now, thanks a lot to him for giving me a copy of the album to review it!).

Let’s be clear : this album is a call to arms. If you’re A-Ok with “pietist” salafists and all this kind of stupid shit, you’d better move on because you’ll get triggered by every single title of this album (which lasts two hours and a half!!).

Scott delivers here a sonic manifesto in memory of the victims of islamic terror and also a wake up call to people who think Isis and the likes can be dealt with flowers and hugs (yes, it exists, more than you might think) as well as a warning. Every title is actually a political statement. I’m usually not a big fan of politically militant music ;mainly because most of it just recites stupid slogans to people who are already agreeing with them and is more a self-righteous act than anything else. But here, it’s surprisingly well thought out.

The whole thing is something I would qualify of “dark ambient / noise” with some incursions in something that could almost feel like martial industrial (you can clearly imagine troops marching over a ruined city at different times). For a release of this kind, the whole thing is pretty varied and the tracks all have a real structure in their own way with progression. It could almost be qualified as narrative music.

Some tracks even include actual drums which have a kinda “metal” thing to it in my opinion. The fourth track even gratifies us with some free-jazz. Definitely not the kind of one could call lazy noise/dark ambient where all that has been done is putting a pattern on a DAW and blasting up the gain and delay.

For a two hour and a half noise/dark ambient release, it is surprisingly easy to listen to everything without having a pause at any moment. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of music!

You can grab it there :…

My super subjective note : 9.99999999999999999999999999/10



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