Moessacre Rex is not only a webzine but also a record label. I’m just starting so for now, I only provide CD-R and digital releases. I don’t exclude releasing tapes, merch and pro-cds later if my budget allows me to. The main media for now will be digital. I already hear people screaming “oh shit not another netlabel!”. Hold on and take the time to read this :

I don’t intend to be a “sub-label” just releasing something, making a single announcement on youtube or twitter and leaving it at it, hoping that things will go well.
I’ll definitely promote your work the best I can. If you give me pointers on some forum , website, event I can promote you, I will do it. I’ll help promote on social media as well. 

I’ll provide you the chance to go through platforms like Spotify , Beatport etc if we manage to sell enough of your records to pay for an aggregator distribution service, the choice will be yours. 

You’ll get a written contract so that everything is clear between us. Read it carefully.  

This is why I don’t intend to make tons of releases at once. I’ll pick up artists I really like and follow them the best I can. I don’t promise you to be the next flavour of the month of course but I can promise you to do my best to provide the best chances for your releases to get an audience.

I intend to provide better conditions while the label is growing.

Just send me your demos at nikodesign77@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you even if it’s to just say I’m not interested.


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