Now is an album I wouldn’t expect to be on free download! It must be the fourth time I’m listening to it since this morning!

I think the cover artwork perfectly describes what is in the album : it has something sophisticated but in the same time implies energy and speed. This album won’t leave any moment of respite to the listener, being mainly breakcore but picking up it’s influences from many different styles.

To say this another way, this album is a good breakcore cake where raggacore, a pinch of noise and classy piano parts come together spicing up the whole thing in a perfect recipe bringing the listener to an absolute eargasm. It’s nutritive enough to make your stomach full without making you feel heavy or a bit sleepy after eating it. As it is sampled in “bomb it! Bomb it!” it’s a shoryuken of awesomeness in your face.

Despite being pretty fucking fast from A to Z , it has a very sophisticated feeling to it, a little something classy which I can’t precisely locate. It’s not only the piano parts, it’s the whole thing.

Regarding production in itself, it’s very professional in my opinion, X.Nte sure knows his job and how to mix a track properly to give it the appropriate punch without turning it into a muddy soup of failure.

This is an artist I’ll sure keep an ear upon from now on! Also, do yourself a favor and upload it here : https://amenxnte.bandcamp.com/album/synonyms-for-cloud
And to hell with these subjective notes which are useless. This album is great work. GET IT.



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