This is a release that is enjoyable by everybody but if you speak Japanese fluently you might understand it better as there are some parts with spoken Japanese that seem to be telling something more than “look, anime”.

This said, it’s really not that big of a deal as the music is pretty good! I didn’t know 98SKJ but I already got the chance to listen to some of Pencil’s tracks on soundcloud and I knew I could expect something enjoyable.

Tomatoism didn’t lie to me saying provides top-class lolicore. What you’re dealing with here is 100% Japanese lolicore at it’s best. All in all, I would say the mood of the whole thing is rather light-hearted and filled with energy, the kind of stuff I would listen to in the morning to put myself in good mood and motivate myself to start working.

First part is Pencil’s tracks. It’s what I expected from Pencil : fast paced , sample-sliced, light-hearted pieces of breakcore / lolicore. It’s sometimes cut with the said speeches in japanese I told about above and gratifies us with an audio tutorial of what is a breakbeat and what is an amen break (you’ll understand what I mean by listening to the split. You have no excuse, it’s on free download).

98SKJ’s part is quite different. The way he structures his tracks are much more like songs with catchy melodies. It’s fast but it doesn’t have that chaotic-party feelling that is given through listening to Pencil. It’s less focusing on breakcore beats than Pencil, “Porsche song” in particular. It still has clear breakcore beats but it’s much less “sliced” than usual breakcore productions (at least regarding what I had the chance to hear, I’m not a breakcore specialist, don’t hesitate to stop me in the comments 🙂  ). I pretty much love his style as well and am looking forward to hear more from him.

It’s at these moments I wish I could speak japanese better than I do to be able to give more interviews to artists of this great scene which is fucking underrated in my opinion.

You can get the split and other stuff I didn’t listen to yet here (recommended by Tomatoism/ex-Floppie you can’t go wrong here):



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