I invite you to also check his main project 100th school which is pretty cool too!

1 – First of all could you tell us a bit about yourself and Psychstey? 

Hello. I am Zeekstey (z.x.t.) and PSYCHSTEY (all capitals) is my noise side project. PSYCHSTEY was a “byproduct” after getting sick of this whole “professional EDM music production” thing. Think of it like: an absolute disregard to anything I have ever learned; to any rules, and simply throwing a tantrum in the protest. I denied the existence of decibels.

2 – I really enjoyed listening to your ep released on Tsundere Violence. Even though the whole thing is more noise than anything else, I could hear some other influences in it, like kinda dubstep and maybe also metal regarding the songs structure, am I right? 
This was pure… expression. For once in my life I was not limited by petty numbers and audio spectrums. I was given a “room”, and the only limitation there was is how many things I could fit in physically in that room. No abstract music theory, everything was palpable to work with. I simply wanted raw, unadulterated audio output…. ok, maybe i lied, because “sound” certainly wasn’t raw. It was forced into clipping… but that’s just how noise works.. i give up… maybe i’m sound rapist… now i’m overthinking again.


3 – Do you already have plans to release something else with Psychstey? 

That really depends on how I feel at a given moment. If, for whatever reason, I feel like snapping out of my mind (which actually happened week ago, but it was just a ‘remix’ of one of my older tracks from main project), then yes. I guess this is good time to mention that, besides the obvious “protesting” I mentioned earlier, I myself was not feeling very well when “something snapped me into making this”. I guess it was a culmination of different events and reason why I named this EP “Anxiety Attack”

4 – Could you tell us a bit about the Russian electronic underground scene? How is it perceived by the mainstream public there? 

What fucking scene? We stay clear of each other. I don’t know about them, they don’t know about me. Unless you mean those Russian memeing lolicore people I sometimes hang out with. Though, I’m not the type to just go around and reach out for people to do random collaborations either. And besides our “fields” are not connected. Never in my life I have used amen breaks or even anime sampling. Now, “how is it perceived by the mainstream public” is an interesting question actually, that I could talk for hours. Because the term “mainstream public” is so broad that it can mean many things at once. What I do say in short and as brief as possible: I don’t like when something goes mainstream (not just music, might be a phone app for example or program; piece of media), and I don’t say it in a hipster way, I say it in the way that when something is easily accessible; being trendy and people talk about it, it then attracts the more “slower” and “outdated” parts of “mainstream culture” that otherwise would never bother to check up on it, that elephant in a room of course being the government itself. Once something is mainstream, government absolutely wants to “inspect” it as thoroughly as possible, often negating its established fans and changing the whole thing to coincide with the legislation; or flat out censoring it sometimes. As much as I don’t like lolicore music, it took serious hit in recent years in order to follow up with new legal acts. Of course those “legal acts” more often than not are made completely backwards. We’re talking about Russia here after all.

5 – Do you produce music under other aliases as well and if yes, where can we find it? 

Yes, my main project: 100th School ( Psychstey (not all capitals) was the name of its very first EP released back in 2014. I chose this title for my side project as sort of a tribute to the sound and “atmosphere” it shared from that EP. 100th School has varying genres, which more of a hurdle to me because that implies I’m in constant identity crisis with it. Recently I took pride in slowing down my own tracks, adding suicidal vocodex’d lyrics and calling it “post-vaporwave”. Totally check out my “I Want to Die” EP if you want to “cri erri teim” experience. And it was quite personal one too that could answer more questions than this interview. (i’m such a shill right now)

6 – Which material are you using to make your music? 

I use enthusiasm. I like experimenting with new things, new and unexplored. I could be making popular trap music with generic bass kick and heavily filtered snares. But that’s boring. Boring and also with oversaturated market. Yet does it mean I wouldn’t use same tools differently? I do use trap influences and TR-808 a lot. It’s not that your track is worse, it’s just different. It’s not what tools you are using it’s how you use them. People use all these fancy programs and plug-ins while forgetting that there is only one sinus, but with many interchangeable frequencies that derive into a different, non-sinusoidal waveforms>SOUND, or that there are only 7 notes but with many octaves on different frequency ranges>MELODY. Only limitation is our eardrums, but even then I’d argue. Deaf person can listen to music too by looking at wave spectrum, but I guess that would be pretty boring unless person is also interested in math.

7 – Could you recommend us some artists?

Yeah, Publo Picasso is pretty good artist. One day he got bored of conventional method of drawing people, so he began drawing them in abstract and disproportional shapes. Some called him crazy, others called him genius.

8 – Last words are yours! 

And remember kids: the loudest anything can ever be in the digital realm is 0 dBFS

Спасибо for the interview!

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