Here is an interview of Scott Lawlor , who is a very prolific ambient / noise artist (don’t understand “producing lame sub-par albums”, it’s pretty good!)


1 – First of all, could you tell us more about yourself? 

I’m a stay-at-home dad with school-aged children who has been creating ambient music since 2013. I originally started composing new-age in the early 90’s when I got my first synth but I have always been drawn to music and would create strange sound collages using record players and tape recorders when I was a teenager. I took a musical sabbatical from around 1997 until late 2012 at which time I acquired another synth and started to record new material.

2 – It seems you’re quite established into the dark ambient scene, could you tell us more about it? 

Dark ambient has always been a favorite genre of mine and it’s most suitable for expressing a lot of the sociological and political themed concepts that I have been working on and exploring over the last year and a half. I am a bit of a darker person as well and the soundscapes of dark ambient seem to be a natural way for me to express those things which are hiding in the darkness.

3 – Looking at your huge discography, we can see some recurring themes such as BDSM, some rather engaged releases like the one about Isis I reviewed and another dealing with the bees disappearing , could notice some more albums dealing with religious extremists as well (“Boko Haram”). Still , you seem to have also a bunch of quite spiritual releases like “Above the Firmament”. Could you tell us more about all of this and your inspiration sources? 

I am inspired by literature, both religious and secular, though I am clearly not a religious or spiritual individual and I have always been drawn to the cosmos, exploration of space and other phenomena therein. The noise music explores interests in BDSM and other fetishes which I suppose is a common theme in the genre, still, I try to bring something unique if not by specific concept, then by the way I create and explore noise.

4 – Even though your work is ambient, albums like “above the firmament”, “disturbing deeds of a dominatrix” and “drone excursion 021 (the empty room)” sound really different, “deeds of a dominatrix” lurking clearly into noisy fields. What your main influences are musically? 

I take inspiration from a wide variety of artists and music; Steve roach, Robert Rich, Merzbow, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kammarheit and John zorn to name a few.

5 – Could you tell us more about the material you’re using for producing your music? 
I use a Roland fa08 as my only synthesizer as well as other sources of sound, (field recordings and various sample libraries) and I utilize quite a number of different VST effects, especially when producing noise music.

6 – Do you produce music for soundtracks out of your ambient projects? 
Actually no, though there was one person who used part of a collaboration that I did with G.M. Slater under the Lunar Navigational systems project and we got some royalties for the use of our album in a documentary. Here’s the link to that album.

Aural Portraits Of Triton – Vol. 1 with G.m. Slater

4 years later and we’re working on volume 2 which will be out on October 10th, the anniversary of the discovery of triton.

7 – Could you give some pointers to any beginner who would like to produce ambient music? 
Find what your passionate about and use your musical voice to say something about it and don’t give a rats ass about what anyone thinks.  Create your art based on what you want to say, not on what you think people want to hear and you will have an audience. You don’t need the latest and greatest synthesizer or most powerful computer to create ambient or any music.  The tools you have now are perfect for the job and though it is a cliché, your imagination is the greatest most important tool you need to begin expressing and realizing your vision, whatever that is for you.

8 – Are there some artists you would advise Moessacre readers to check out? 
yes, check out Wings of an Angel, he also has a prolific discography and his sound alchemy and delivery of a concept is always stunning.

Also, check out Strelokk who is a major inspiration in my own creation of noise music.  He has quite a unique approach to this sonic craft. (editor’s note : I’m backing that statement! Strelokk is awesome!)

9 – Last words are yours! 
Thank you for interviewing me and for listening to my music.


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