.ExE – Synthetic Musicalizer

Well , for something synthetic I’ve heard much much less charged with feeling and personality!

Seriously, I keep listening to it over and over again. It’s a very hum…coloured album. It alternates between very atmospheric parts , at the verge of ambient sometimes and very raw breakcore parts which could almost sound like noise. “Fallen” is a perfect exemple of this with it’s mellow beginning with very melodic piano lines and it’s evolution into pure hard-breakcore mayhem.

That’s something I really love with .ExE’s work. You never know how his stuff will go on the long run. It’s what I would call “prog breakcore” in the meaning the music is literally progressive. It plays with many different moods, lures you into a comfort zone before taking you by surprise with a huge distorted breakbeat coming in your face like a surprise shock from an electric eel.  Except it doesn’t hurt, it feels damn good.

One particularity also that I could find quite rare in the Japanese breakcore scene I heard about is that .ExE uses close to no sample here, it’s mostly based on melodies and ambient synth chords (most samples I ever heard him use were grindcore stuff actually).

And then you have “Lifelover”. Damn, I love that track. First part is a very smooth almost “synth-pop” track surrounded by cleverly placed glitches which renders a weird atmosphere where you should feel comfortable but you can feel something is wrong. The uncomfortable part of the whole track’s atmosphere gets confirmed with the breakcore part coming after which is pretty dark, only to get “contradicted” this time by a very quiet and simple synth melody, playing with the auditor’s feelings all along.

.ExE blessed us here with an album which manages to be original, talented and very catchy in the same time. Every stuff he releases makes me more fan of him. You must get it there : https://exebreakcore.bandcamp.com/album/synthetic-musicalizer

It’s free, you have no excuse to miss on that gem.




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