Week 27/03/2017 NEWS

So, it’s the beginning of Moessacre Rex, freshly started around one week ago. The start has outpassed my expectations for a niche webzine like mine, with more than 300 visitors and more than 700 pages viewed in a week! Seems the webzine has been checked more in Japan than anywhere else (the U.S being second)! I’m surprised and sorry I can’t speak Japanese well enough for bringing you proper translations of my articles. I’ll try to get some help on this matter even though I can’t promise anything so far.

More importantly I want to thank everyone for your interest in Moessacre Rex and I’m humbled by the good feedback I got so far which encourages me to work even harder to give you interesting articles to read!

Now on to the core news , on the label side this time : two releases are coming! 

  • A release from my project Goodbye Neko which will be titled “Moessacre” (yes, you guessed it, the name of the website comes from there). A free download digital version will be available on Tsundere Violence but you’ll be able to get a limited CD-R edition here! It’s 19 minutes of electro with various influences from lolicore to ebm with some incursions into speedcore. You can have a preview of what is waiting for you here : https://soundcloud.com/goodbye-neko
  • More importantly the first artist to join Moessacre Rex is .ExE!! I’m really happy to sign him for an album release (CD-R and digital version only for now, I run this on my own funds, I hope to be able to do more soon.)! He’s a very promising breakcore, drum’n’bass, noise and ambient producer hailing from Japan! I can’t wait to make this available to all of you! You can check his work here : https://exebreakcore.bandcamp.com/
  • I have some interviews and reviews on my “to do” list but am still taking requests.

Thanks again for visiting my website, hope this coming week will be even more exciting than the former one!



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