This band as it’s name tells us is…… Australian. They solely do improvisations but wow that’s pretty tight and unique!

The style of their music is really hard to tell. There is death-metal / grindcore in it, free-jazz, even some reggae beats here and there… something somewhat “post” black-metal as well…. the formation in itself has metal foundations with the addition of saxophones, flutes and turntables (rarely heard). You also have two “conductors”.

Not a single part of this album (their first) is boring. In fact, you wouldn’t guess it’s improvised if they didn’t tell you. I’m always a bit wary when I read “experimental” “avant-garde” etc because these are terms that have been used too often to excuse lazy composition. But here, oh boy, it’s top class musicians we’re dealing with. The atmosphere over all is pretty dark (without reaching the extremes of Abruptum’s first album, Ondskapt etc) which is what makes me think about some so-called “post” black-metal bands.

The saxophone here is really part of the compositions , it’s not “that metal band with a saxophonist doing three notes in two tracks on the album” and blends extremely well with the rest (which is not that uncommon, remember about Sigh for exemple which does it very well.).

The cover depicts the whole album’s atmosphere pretty well as the music could be a good soundscape for a visit of Jigoku. If you like uncommon sounds (and I assume you do if you’re visiting this website) , this album is for you!

It’s on free download, so you have no excuse to miss this:  https://artascatharsis.bandcamp.com/album/kurushimi


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