X.Nte is a talented breakcore producer hailing form Atlanta , US.


1 – First of all could you tell us more about yourself? 

I am Mike. The great Mike. A genius mastermind gifted to this planet. Please be grateful for my existence.

That’s a joke of course haha I struggle with self esteem but pumping myself up has been really helpful with that. Much better than putting myself down as I used to do heh.

I enjoy breakcore a lot and I think I got into it in an embarrassing way. I enjoy fighting (video) games a whole lot and in fighting games there are some neat combos you can do and breakcore reminds me of that oddly enough.
2 – What does X.Nte mean? 
anXious, Nervous, Tired, Empty. Just feelings, y’know..

3 – How are genres like breakcore , speedcore and lolicore perceived in general in the US(when people get to hear about it that is)?

So for the people I’ve talked to who are into the genre most of them have either listened to Igorr, Venetian Snares or Squarepusher. For the Igorr listeners I find that they approach it like they would any metal genre (I’m speaking of Nostril of course with this) where they’ll just headbang and thrash — which is awesome and supported. For Venerian Snares listeners (the Rossz album being more popular) seems to be more of an art/contemplative crowd. For the Squarepusher crowd (and to a lesser extent the u-Ziq crown) they seem to understand the roots of it all and verge from there.

Lolicore gets a mixed approach because on one hand there are acts out there that have gone out of their way to be offensive to get a reaction — so as a result the genre is associated with this. On the other hand people who look past that see it as just an anime genre where they can tie into whatever anime culture is happening now-a-days. The genre seems to have delved into a lot of different waves and I think Kusoikore is a better name for whatever wave it’s in now.

4 – How is the breakcore scene in the US? Did you have chances to play live?
It’s pretty dead haha from what I’ve experience at least. The local music scene knows a bit about prominent producers in the genre but as far as there being a scene tied around it there isn’t one. Not yet, anyways.
5 – Could you recommend us some artists? 
I’ve been listening to a lot of Matheus lately.. Stellabee is another favorite. Reizoko CJ of course. CXPN is great and not too well known and also a friend. .Exe has great melodies. Mekuso does great chips and has the donks. Junglist Vampire has the dark tunes. I could go on to be honest but those are some great ones! (editor’s note : I’ll make sure to check those I didn’t know about here!)

6 – And the now usual question here : some pointers for beginners in producing sounds?


Uh I would say just keep collecting samples until your library is expansive enough to manipulate to your benefit… Also rip samples in high quality if you can. It definitely matters. What else uh.. mastering is a neat thing to do even if it’s not professional standard just maximizing the sounds that you want helps. Don’t worry about if your stuff is standard because trash is amazing sometimes. Even if you make trash that you hate you can remix it later. Never give up or whatever.

7 – Last words are yours!
I’m going to be mixing in Atlanta soon(my hometown)! It’ll be breakcore/mashcore/raggacore/rhythmic noise .. I’m hoping to do more shows and actually make this a thing. I want to meet other producers of breakcore along the way! It’s been a fun journey! ..yeah I don’t know what else do say

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