CYTEKINESIS – “Instead of my eyes” (English and すこしの日本語)

I enjoy Cyte both for his breakcore/lolicore/kusoikore productions and his minimal techno / electro dj sets. Here though, we’re dealing with his first lolicore / kusoikore EP named “Instead of my eyes” freshly self-released on free download .

Cyte delivers us 5 tracks in the style you would expect from him. Fast and energy-filled tracks still following a clear structure which makes feel the whole thing pretty orderly.


The EP alternates between tracks with a clearer sound and others which lurks more to the side of kusoikore/shitnoise while paying attention to not turning the whole thing into an unintentional harsh noise track and keeps it with a classic breakcore strong structure.

My personal favorites are Upside Done and the last track which is in kanji so I don’t know what it’s title exactly is (I really need to fix that). All in all it’s a nice release for people who enjoy lolicore ,kusoikore and breakcore (and I assume you at least listen to a bit of this if you’re on this page). Also, it’s on free download and the file is very light so why not check it out?
you can grab it there :


(Here I’m attempting a japanese translation of what I could。ごめんなさい私の日本語はまだまだです! I used a mix of google trad and basic grammar knowledge where I felt I could, please forgive any translation mistake! )

私はCyteのBreakcore/Lolicore/KusoikoreとMinimal techno/electroがすきです。それは彼の最初のLolicore/Kusoikore EP。タイトルは”Instead of my eyes”。EPは無料ダウンロードです。Cyteの音楽は迅速と完全なエネルギーです。

Cyteの歌私が大好きは”Upside Done”と歌5.CyteのEPは楽しいです!




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