This is one of these absolutely awesome bands that got overlooked in the 80’s. It mostly performed what one would call “New wave” but with their own twist that made it much more quirky and original.

Being a trio fronted by Ten Chiyumi (who will be there during all the band’s lifespan along with Sato Ryuichi), it delivers in what one would call today “very very vintage keyboards” with often eerie melodies , song structures which are much more complicated than it seems at first listening and Ten’s childish yet with a pinch of madness vocals completing the whole thing.

The band was having a very “goth / post punk” attitude in my opinion as you can see in the video above.

Formed in 1985 first as a trio, they released two albums , a mini album and a bunch of songs unrelated to any album (I especially love Okuchiga Ga Ga, the most wicked track I’ve heard from them.).

I think this is a song that perfectly condensates every aspect of their music while also going more “experimental” than usual.

The band will end as a duo pretty quick after a mini album “C’est l’elegance na tanoshimi”, Matsumae Kimitaka leaving in the end of 1986.
Two full albums released later are : Ryukou Tsushinbo (流行通信簿) and Tokonatsu Hime (常夏姫) which sees the addition of guitars in their songs. A compilation was also released in 1989.

The band will unfortunately disband in 1991 for reasons I don’t know. An interesting point to know too is that it seems they didn’t perform live anytime after 1986, maybe because they didn’t have any session musician to help the duo (the end of live sessions kinda coincides with the leave of Matsumae).

If you want to discover that band well, I did the work for you posting you videos right here so enjoy!

I’ll come back with more bands passed under the radar in Europe. I wish I could interview them one day for having more details on their history.


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