I fell on that while browsing some gorenoise page. If you’re some weirdo like me who likes having your ears being drilled with saturated drum machines while some kind of fatass mancubus eructates obscenities at you then this EP is the right thing for you.

Don’t expect any kind of subtlety here. I mean, guys, it’s gorenoise, we all know where it’s going. Except here there is no kind of hint of a bass, guitar , or anything that could give you any idea about a note or something.


It’s 100% drum machine aggression from A to Z (except the very romantic track “Inter (A Love Story)” which will please the inner-teenage weeaboo that is in you…. well you guessed it, have some “liquid sounds of hentai with loli moans”. But they say it’s a love story so it must be romantic right? Right? ).

The intros here are much closer to porngrind and Anal Cunt minded stuff than your usual gorenoise record with “tldr pathological title”.

Also , if you’re into gender studies you might be triggered by PTSD from gorenoise Hell (“69 genders”). But hey, if you’re easily triggered, why listen to gorenoise in the first place?

So , yeah, not that “revolutionary gorenoise album” (does it even exist?!) but pretty fun if you like to indulge in this kind of stuff like I do.

You can get this here : 



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