I’m always happy to see a new Writhe release because he’s one of my fav noise artists. He has a very particular style which seems to be also heavily influenced by drone.

Writhe’s style is as one can guess pretty dark and this release is not breaking the rule in any way. It’s very interesting pieces of noise that are delivered here which sound in the same time harsh, ambient and well…. drone as I stated above.

I’m not totally sure about how Writhe produces it’s sounds but what I can tell is there must be a heavily down-tuned guitar around here, hence the drone feel to the whole thing I guess.

Writhe skillfully manages to bring the auditor into it’s dark universe and stick to a precise style without getting boring one single second, which is a feat rare enough to be stated. It has a very negative feeling, almost occult to it, it’s the kind of track I would totally expect to hear as an intro for an “orthodox” black-metal album.

The last track “Ache” is different than the others as we can distinctly hear a guitar playing all along, probably the most “drone-like” track in the whole album.


If you enjoy to delve into the darker aspects of music , this album is a good choice. Also, it’s free so why not throw an ear on it there : https://writhe1.bandcamp.com/album/oblivion


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