Strelokk is an artist who will always surprise me. Not only does he manage to renew himself regularly despite releasing tons of stuff but he manages to produce masterpieces like this album.

He’s the noise artist you don’t want in your split release because he will make you sound like an amateur. To be fair, he doesn’t make noise only , he produced also electro stuff and guess what? It’s awesome as well. This man is so underrated that it’s almost criminal.

But I’m losing focus, let’s get back on this album. Obviously there is some kind of concept here with recurring samples and atmospheres , particularly a female voice sounding like some announcer in a metro or an airport. It makes me picture a dystopian version of a city a la Blade Runner where I would be lost in a labyrinthic and inhuman metro underground corridors with nobody around but that ghostly female voice announcing stuff.  Or it would fit Nar Shaddaa (oh hey hello Star Wars nerds.) pretty well in my opinion.

Qualifying this album as “noise” would be too reducing. It’s noise , it’s ambient, it’s atmospheric , it’s a trip, it’s also electro sometimes in the ways a band like White Dolls or a Converter who swallowed lsd and speed would probably not have denied (especially on “Footstep”).

You can feel he didn’t make random patterns and crank up the plug-ins randomly hoping for everything to sound all-right, he knows what he’s doing very well!

It definitely is worth the 6 bucks to get it here :

EDIT : Strelokk informed me the album is actually based on the movie Audition which I unfortunately never got to watch until now.


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