Here is an interview from an artist I like a lot. Check his releases. Seriously, DO IT.

1 – First of all could you introduce yourself to readers who don’t know your great work yet? 

I’ve been DJing in the middle/late 90ies. Goatrance and Acid.

After a while I was tired to play other peoples records, so I started to make my own tunes.

I had a long break till around 2003 when I started completely new with a mixture of hard- and software.
The music I made back then was already pretty experimental.

Around 2005 I wrote previews about audio software for a German magazine. Since then I’ve been focusing on sounds and sounddesign.
2 – What does the name of your project mean? 
Strelok is Russian for shooter. Strelok is the main character in a legendary game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl.

The 2nd “k” looks nice. Well, no. The reason for it is the fact that Strelok was already in use on bandcamp and soundcloud.

3 – You’ve released really tons of albums, can you recommend us three of your albums which would be a good entryway to your universe? 
For Noise: Deplorable Asshole and Chamber

If you like vocal samples I’d say Sicario and Kontaktgeist.

Ok, that’s four.

4 – What do you use as source of inspiration for your music? 
2 things: itś a refection of the fucked up world we’re live in. And my nightmares. I actually like my nightmares.
5 – How does the composition process go? 
Depends on what I’m doing. Noise Scapes (I call the most of my stuff Noise Scapes) start with a more or less “clean” pad. I then put some distortion on it. That’s the foundation. I then layer it with more pads and often vocal samples. It actually 70% sounddesign and 20% composing.
If the sunds compliment each other everything is fine. The last 10% is mastering. I’m always trying to have some dynamics left.
Other styles are often based on the loops I produced during the last decade. Many supercool software came up the last years, so I can always re-re-resample the old stuff.
6 – What are you planning to release next? 
Well, I was about to make some Dark Ambient stuff (like “Frogs”). But sometimes I get some completely different ideas during the process.
And since I’m not in a hurry I’m recently just programming some sounds, save them, pre-master them and look what’s happening.
7 – The traditional question here : do you have any pointers for beginners? 
Many beginners make a major mistake: they buy a lot of stuff. I made this mistakes too back then. You’re putting yourself under pressure, like “with all the stuff I have to do something great!”. Your best bet is a DAW you really love to work with. No matter if it’s Cubase Ableton, Renoise or FL Studio.
Then grab a handful of synths and samplers and figure out what they can do. And while fooling around: record all the tests. and save the audio.
8 – I’ve heard you have a thing for Eihi Shiina? Do you have a message for her? 
Nah. It’s kinda platonic. I like her movies, that’s all.
9 – Last words are yours! 
Thank you for being interested in my stuff. Since I make nearly zero advertising I’m feeling honored you found me.

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