Welcome back in the wonderful world of gorenoise where dog dicks get dangly mutated and exotic ways of using airbags are found!

This split cd claims that this will introduce us to 3 ways to kill our best friends. No track is actually about that. I’m downright outraged!

We start with Anal Airbag which delivers us your next door gorenoise thing : growls, drilling blasts and stuff with raw production. It’s efficient enough to make you want to punch the Jehova witness ringing at your door. But there is a twist, he gratifies us with what seem to be Super Nes Rpg soundtracks as well.

For exemple, take the poetic “deflowering a young lion cub”. After delivering it’s efficient gorenoise in your face ends with an epic 16-bit Super Nes rpg victory music which will make you feel so much win while fucking Simba.

“drugs, lots and lots of drugs” is filled with blasts made from Nes Super Mario Bros fireball blasts. The other tracks also have little fun surprises like that so even though it’s the most classical gorenoise act in this split, it still has it’s creative moments and all in all is a nice experience. If you like having your ears drilled with lo-fi gorenoise that is.

Then we go to the main course. Dangly Mutated Dog Dick. What a refined band name. I mean imagine yourself at a job interview
“Hi, do you have hobbies?
– Yes I play in Dangly Mutated Dog Dick, maybe you’ve heard of us?”. Unlikely to work out unless you’re applying for a lab testing animals or for becoming an actor at Troma movies.

Their music is something else. It’s a succession of lo-fi toy keyboard fanfare telling tales of wonder about fishing with a tranny or sucking a racoon while being late at work (again). The whole thing is of course very raw with growls and shit.

Then comes Erinaceidae which seems to be obsessed with hedgehogs. Fortunately , it doesn’t lead us to any Sonic fanboy retardation. He delivers us a 7 minute very very very lo-fi track which is a kind of lo-fi march of angry hedgehogs or something, I’m not sure.

It’s on free download and you can get it here:



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