NEWS WEEK 03rd April 2017

So, this second week has been even bigger than the first one. Many interviews and reviews happened, including some in French and even Japanese (thanks a lot to .ExE for the help!) !

I’ll do my best to keep as many articles as I can in different languages. These first two weeks have seen a whopping 621 visitors checking up the webzine and 1351 views which include 631 from Japan which makes almost 50% of my readers! Once again, from the bottom of my heart ありがとうございます!

Huge thanks of course to the rest of the readers who showed support to Moessacre Rex!
Feedback so far has been excellent and I’ll strive to keep providing quality articles through this website.

From now on, each news post will include a list of all articles done in the previous week. Also, I’ll provide posts with an alphabetical lists of interviews / reviews and releases so you can navigate through my website with more ease.

If you have any suggestion, let me know.

Some news are coming from the label side as well! 

  • Got some previews from the album .ExE is working on and I can tell you I can’t wait to see the final result and make it available to you all!
  • A split Maximator / Glaucoma / Anal Airbag is coming it’s way as well!
  • A Harsh Noise Movement free download release is also on it’s way! Thanks a lot to him for having offered me this release.

I’m currently in look for other artists to release one or two more albums for the time being. Remember, my focus here is quality, not quantity!

As usual , if you’re looking to be interviewed, reviewed you can contact me through this website. Remember though that my to-do list is increasing quickly so please, be patient. Any artist I agreed to interview or review, I’ll do his interview /review! No exception! 

Unless you keep bugging me on “are we there yet” mode. This will piss me off.

Thanks a lot everyone for reading and see you next week for another newsletter!

Links to interviews and reviews from last week : 


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