CDR / Shiro_51 / Lzie – CDR vs Shiro_51 vs Lzie !​!​!

This short split album is a concentrated bit of fun. It’s 15 tracks of 1st class breakcore / kusoikore. It seems there was some agreement between all of them to use tons of metal samples because fat riffs and growls are really commonplace in this release.

It’s actually so much present in this release that when they use slam / goregrind samples it sometimes gets almost borderline cybergrind/gorenoise. This metal/breakcore base is mixed with stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned styles.

Get ready for reggeaton / thrash, trap/black-metal and other unlikely mixes which work surprisingly well!

CDR tracks tend to be the most sticking to breakcore from the trio (well, as close as it can be in a kusoikore release, that is). My fav track of his is “Napalm Babylon“, the mix he did of reggeaton singing with that thrash riff is pretty catchy! Torture Funk is pretty awesome as well. Lzie seems to like to add lots of gain in his drum patterns and use lolicore-styled samples. Probably the most “noise” artists among the three here (“冬もマシンガン (アーメン吹き替え)” is my favorite from him, very frantic and well thought!). Shiro_51 will more tend to hack and slash metal samples with stuff from the totally opposite spectrum of atmosphere musically and use many different kind of beats, not only breakcore (most notably some trap stuff here and there).

If I had to take a favorite artist from among them on this record, I think this would have to be Lzie but that’s totally subjective, they’re all great in their all way and you should know by know that I hold CDR in high esteem regarding his work!

You can grab this album here for free :


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