Here is a release from Mixolydian. It’s the first one I hear from this artist and it makes me quite eager to check the rest of his discography.

This album introduces us to a very varied universe going from noise to dark electro (That damn “Faceless II”, so tasty!). Don’t expect huge harsh noise walls there, this is organized chaos we are dealing with.

Every track has it’s very own identity while all remaining as part of a whole, none of them sounding out of the album’s theme. Even though tons of distorted sounds are used here, it never sounds brutal but more “dirty” I would say. We can see that the man behind Mixolydian obviously listened to power electronics. I can find some martial-industrial touches here and there (“Flesh-Wires” in particular regarding the percussion patterns.).

If some tracks go down the “experimental / kinda noise” road, you also have stuff structured like actual songs (“Faceless II” again and “Flesh-Wires”). It seems there is some field recording used too even though I’m not totally sure because it’s really well inserted into the whole thing.

All these ingredients allow the album to be very colorful and not boring any second. Totally worth the 2.99$ to get it.

You can listen to it and buy it here :  https://silentmethodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/methods-of-execution-2


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