You like gorenoise? You like goregrind? You like Sega Megadrive/Genesis soundtracks? You remember the time you were hiding in the basement watching Urotsukidoji with your friends?

Then this EP is for you!

And , mind you, I’m speaking about top class goregrind/gorenoise (with heavy death-metal influences) here! And regarding death-metal influences, I’m speaking about good old  , raw, dirty, in your face death-metal, not that boring masturbatorily technical overproduced soup that we are too often served nowadays.

This guy managed to give the whole thing a very raw sounding without turning it into a “recorded in the kitchen” kind of raw. Also , it’s surprisingly tight as fuck! Goremaster General’s guitar play is on point with the frantic drum machine (which is really punchy the way it should for such music.).

But that’s not everything! Because not only sir Goremaster serves us top class goregrind but he manages to add originality into it! Looking at the artwork, any guy born in the 80’s here will get that we’re dealing with 90’s nostalgia here regarding the concept. No “playing it (poorly) old-school EXCLUSIVELY” bullshit here though, we’re dealing with someone with personality here.
You’ll be gratified with Sega Genesis-like music. I’m kidding you not. And guess what? They’re also perfectly well done and stick totally to the whole concept giving this record a really special feeling and atmosphere!

Note also that the vocals are varied , not only your typical death-metal growls , actually bringing some very welcome kinda “narrative” thing to the whole EP. They remind me a bit of the way vocals were done in Impetigo who were kinda theatrical and telling a story instead of just sounding like a bunch of pigs fucking in a barn.  There are also some typical “liquid” gorenoise vocals here and there which give a nice touch to the whole thing without being overwhelming.

I wish I got records like that more often!

It’s available for free download but Bile Vomit Production is preparing a cd-r release and I urge you to support this project by buying it if you’re into that kind of music!

You can get it here

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go listen to some good old Pungent Stench album while playing Streets of Rage.


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