The 4th edition of the Kusoikore compilation is now in the making! Deadline is 31st of May! Every noise maker, J-Pop destroyer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu defiler, breakcore maniac etc etc is invited! Submissions must be sent on uncompressed wav format through this form .

Submissions will be moderated by Sabi_C and Cyte. Readers here probably already know what kusoikore is. If not, I invite you to look for the interview of Tomatoism or the review of albums by Cytekinesis, Pencil and the CDR/Lzie/Shiro_51 split.

An event will take place in Ruby Room Tokyo the 12th of May to celebrate this, with Himeko Katagiri (Tsundere Violence label owner) as special guest.

More informations will come through the official Kusoikore 4 website but it’s not online yet!


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