Wings Of An Angel – Sexuality As The Birth Of Sublimation

Here is a pure ambient album. I didn’t know this artist before being contacted by him to review one of the albums so I can’t say much about him apart that it’s hailing from Israel.

The album seem consists into three ethereal tracks plus a kinda noisier one. The tracks are really, really (and I mean really ) long! 3 out of 4 last more than 20 minutes! The track titles are pretty unusual as well and seem to be some kind of mix of black humor and kind of social / political statements. The artist’s own description on his bandcamp seem to indicate so at least.

The first and third tracks are very minimalist ambient with an ethereal feelling to it , with notes played here and there in a coherent way.

The second one is what I would call a kinda “softcore noise wall”, having distorted sounds playing all over but without losing the atmospheric stance present in the whole album.

The fourth track is probably the “trippiest” one with pads playing all along it.

I’ll leave it to you to find your own interpretation of this work as it seems to be quite open-ended on this matter.

You can get it here.



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