BxIxMxOxAxFxSx and Orgasmic Menstration Bloodcum – Bacterial Hymns of Sewage

With such a title you’ll easily have guessed that this review is not about refined free jazz. Yep. Gorenoise again.

This split, while not being the most original piece out there has it’s highlights and is overall pretty much what any gorenoise listener expects from a gorenoise record.

It starts with BxIxMxOxAxFxSx. I don’t know what the initials mean, maybe Beatles In Mud Obliterated Again For Sex or Blessed In Mormonist Oat Ass Faggot Sex, who knows, I’ll leave it to your fertile imagination. It delivers quite classic gorenoise : liquid sounds, pig orgy vocals, ultra-lo-fi bass, drum machines. No Barry Allen processed blast beats here though, it keeps quite slow and likes to indulge into kind of fanfare beats, allowing the listener to imagine a fanfare of shit-stained majorette bacterias (because it’s titles are all about bacterias).

What do we learn about these tracks? Well, don’t make nosebleed transfusions guys, you’ll get raped by an outburst of sex hungry bacterias which will transmit bacterias 6 times until they cause you a bacterial brain dysmorphia.

Speaking of which, bacterial brain dysmorphia is the most interesting BxIxMxOxAxFxSx track so far. It lasts 4 minutes and 11 seconds and is really well thought out.

Orgasmic Menstration Bloodcum has only two tracks but they last longer. The first one starts with some chainsaw and huge bass. If you’re prone to have earaches, I advice you to lower the volume.
This said , it’s good work, more harsh noise than anything else actually. The last track is mainly white noise with….. more white noise and noise. In other words, it’s harsh noise.
Also, it’s called “feminism is cancer” so i wish a happy triggering to those who enjoy having ptsd out of a fucking song title.

If you like bacterias and chainsaw, you can get this split release here.


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