Some artists have a very recognizable sound. You know, that kind of artists whom you can guess a song is from after having merely listened to some seconds of them. Hawawa is one of these.

Here is a selection of what Hawawa considers being his best tunes, remastered and re-edited.

Hawawa’s music is qualified as “melodic breakcore” and I can’t argue about that. It is indeed very melodic and usually pretty lighthearted and I mean : lighthearted, not “lighthearted but with some samples from some hentai anime”.
The music is at the image of Fura’s artwork for this album : very pastel. I think it also conveys time by time a feeling of nostalgia and over.

It doesn’t mean tracks are not fast. I mean, it’s breakcore, not ambient. Hawawa just manages to make it sound fast and energic without sounding somehow aggressive.

There is not one single track without catchy melodies in this. Also I find the mastering quality to be particularly well done.

Even though all the songs are fast and energic I find the whole thing to be really relaxing and soothing to listen to.

You can throw an ear on it and buy it here.



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