If you’re following me since the beginning of the webzine (so, more or less two weeks ago), you probably noticed that there has been no reviews for two days which is quite unusual.

This is all because I’m setting up the two first releases for the label side of Moessacre Rex!

So what do I have in store for you?

.ExE is a breakcore rising talent from Japan! His unique melodies and rythmics will bring you to a very personal universe I hope you’ll all enjoy!

Meronti is a project by the man behind Formicophilia! It’s experimental lolicore which will please the addicts to Tsundere Violence productions!

These are available on bandcamp and through email right now! I’ll set up discogs and other distribution platforms as well but it will take some time to put everything in place. 

Another important news if that I decided to set a

Permanent charity program!

 If the regular sales will help pay back the production costs , pay the artists and maybe help me pay some bills at the end of the month (we can always dream right? :D) , any payment you’ll make above the set price (as it is an option on bandcamp) will be used this way :

  • 50% will go to the artist.
  • The other 50% will be used either to make donation to NGOs or straight to people in need in my area (Indonesia, Bengkulu province, one of the poorest in the country. Believe me , much can be done here, from helping families to pay their kids education to giving furniture, clothes etc.). If you chose the NGO donation thing, I’ll do donations to NGOs providing basic needs to people like food, water, medical care, no political stuff. Think about it before donating).
  • If you want proofs I donated, I’ll do so (copy of the bills or even photo with the people if you want me to give directly, no problem. ).

If you give here, that’s great but don’t forget the ones in need in your neighborhood as well! 😉 

About shipping rates! 

I did my best to set the rates for a maximum of countries on bandcamp (I did put those who visited the website the most). However, there are still many which are left out. So if you want a personalized shipping rate, I strongly advice you to order through email. (
Shipping of the cds will start on 1st of May maximum! (I give some delay to make sure I can ship everything on time.)

I think that’s already quite a lot of news , I’m still looking for artists to sign don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again for your support everyone!


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