Unique is the first word coming to my mind when listening to this. Seriously. It’s absolutely impossible to make this enter a stylistic “box”. Agnes Pe music is…Agnes Pe music.

Well, I guess this could be called “experimental” as it’s a “fit everything that doesn’t fit” box but beware! It’s not that kind of music labelled experimental just because the musician doesn’t have any clue about what he’s doing with his DAW.

The whole album forms a whole coherent soundscape. Even though the whole thing mainly is dissonant it has a real sense of melody in it, often using detuned happy themes (or rather that might have sounded happy done another way) giving it all a sense of weirdness and unease.

It’s the kind of soundtrack I could expect in a remastered Earthbound. Agnes Pe also doesn’t hesitate to use ambient sounds (like these jungle sounds samples in “No) and to go more rythmy with fat drum kicks (“Hymno Seco”).

The middle-part of the album has “lighter” tunes regarding the main melodies used but there is still these dissonant things creeping around, reminding that we’re not here to go all happy go party.

All in all it’s a very original and enjoyable album and I can’t wait to see what Agnes Pe has in store for us in the future.
Also, she seems to be performing live regularly. You can grab the album for free here 



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