BUBBLEGUM OCTUPUS – Tough (Neetspeak)

Be me.
> Lurking in bandcamp pages of small labels
> Looking for stuff to review
> See this.
> “Oh, fun artwork, let’s check”
> Be reminded of Carnival in Coal and blown away.

I don’t know the guy behind this project which seems to be around since 2005 but I can say he’s a fucking musical genius. Listening to this record made my brain scream “THIS IS THE ELECTRO DAN SWANO” (If you don’t know who Dan Swano is , go check his solo albums and Edge of Sanity). Also ,while we’re at it go check Carnival in Coal.

Seriously this guy managed to mix super nintendo soundtracks, nes sounds, speed metal, grindcore, prog metal, djent, electro, breakcore, Touhouesque melodies sometimes all in one track. Shall I add that despite all these influences it NEVER sounds like a clusterfuck or forced. Speed metal structures with frantic drum, Snes guitars, SOADesque singing, he got you covered. Did I add that he actually knows how to sing? (I first wondered if the vocals were samples, figured that they were not).

The production, quality of the compositions etc is incredibly high and professional. And without samples please!! Seems like another one of those “severely underrated” artists which keep under the radar for some reason.

This can be bought for 5$ on digital download and pre-ordered on tape edition at 10$ on neetspeak’s bandcamp  .


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