This is a very interesting release. A mix of noise, power noise a la Converter and more ambient things. The man behind this project won’t step back in front of any sound or music he will deem fit to fill his sonic experiments.

His music is a pretty unique mix of heavenly singing, saturated sounds that a Converter would not deny, field recordings, subtle melodies and pads. All in all, what is proposed here would make me think of something I would call “harsh trip-hop” or something like that. The atmosphere here has something very sophisticated in it and could time by time almost remind a bit of vaporwave if it was not for the noise aspect of it taking the upper-hand. The way samples are used remind me somehow of the most ambient tracks of the Art of Noise but as if it was formed in 2010 as a noisier act (especially the beginning of “stained shack”).

The tracks are all pretty well structured and the listener doesn’t get bored any single second. Even though the whole thing is using heavily distorted sound, it manages to remain melodic and atmospheric in the same time.

The album is available for 1 dollar here 


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