Hi! Here is a new week at Moessacre Rex with once again quite a charged activity! Last week saw the first releases with Meronti “Melon Soda” album and .ExE “Lunatic Fellow” EP, please throw an ear on their work they’re very underrated artists!

This week is a start of a month under the sign of tomato! For three weeks, there will be a new release of a Floppie/Tomato-chan album on CD-R limited edition! This week sees the release of “Suki tte Itte!!”   ! Grab it while it still lasts! Next week will see the release of “A tomato supreme!”.

First EP of Goodbye Neko “Moessacre” will be out on Tsundere Violence and Moessacre Rex this week as well! I’m still setting up everything though, the limited CD-R version should be out Wednesday maximum. The limited CD-R edition will feature one bonus track unavailable on the free download edition.

Stickers are also in the making for the artists which I released cds. More infos about that soon.

I’ll also see where I can distribute the releases outside bandcamp and this website but I can promise nothing yet.

On the webzine side, a Bubblegum Octopus and Kurushimi interview should be published soon and I’ll continue providing you with reviews of my latest findings! Don’t forget you can contact me to request review and interview through the contact indicated in this website.

Thanks again everyone for your support!


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