GHETTOLOLITECH – KAWAIIPSY (Underground Core Collective)

And here is a first Ghettololitech review (another one should follow in some time)! In this release Esca-chan delivers what I consider one of his best works so far, if not his best. Kawaiipsy delivers 6 tracks of trance from very atmospheric things to really more frantic tunes.

We start head on with a very nice “6 handed Tsumugi” which I would have very well seen on some Unreal Tournament map. Well, at least it makes me think about! The catchy bass-line offers a perfect foundation for the rest of the track.

“Ana Chan on acid V2” sounds pretty much as it’s title says. It’s very trippy and filled with sophisticated and airy pads, delayed loli voices etc.

“ZURAZURAZURA!” pretty much starts on the same tracks than the previous track but evolving in something a little bit darker and rythmy than the former one. It evolves into something much more “electro-industrial” temporarily to end up into a full-blown throwback in the 90’s.

“Nyapsy” goes down what starts to be a darker road only accentuated in “WTF? My waifu became an orange!”. I guess Ana Chan is starting to have a bad trip. Vocal samples in this track are particularly cleverly used.

Unfortunately for Ana Chan, things only get worse on “Fraid of Insektz” which is by far the darkest track in the whole EP with pretty dark atmospheric parts.

I strongly recommend you to grab this EP which is one of my fav 2017 releases so far.

EDIT : Kawaiipsy has been released on Underground Core Collective here



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