Another one of these tight bands not getting the recognition they deserve. This 11 track demo has not one single track to throw away.

We’re dealing here with state of the art goregrind with heavy old-school influences here. I hear Impetigo, Haemorrhage and friends. It’s dirty , straight to the point, crusty goregrind with particularly nice vocals which are more expressive than your usual “pigs fucking in a barn” shit.

Actually that’s one of the reasons this makes me think of Impetigo even though there are clear differences between both bands (in case you didn’t notice, I freaking love Impetigo, it’s my bread and butter regarding old-school death-metal / goregrind. If you didn’t listen to them yet stop reading this and go listen to one of their albums , they’re easy to find on streaming. ).

Even though there are crust-punk influences that can be felt here and there, old-school grindcore and death-metal with thrashy riffs are clearly taking the crown here and the compositions are played very tightly.

This band is playing grindcore and is doing it well. You can get the demo here. 


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