Oh boy, these were 9 intense minutes!

If you like noise , gorenoise and sick sonic experiments of any kind, this EP is for you. The first track introduces us with the South American centipede which is “full of surprises”, like this record.

We start the main course with the poetic “My dick started bleeding once because I ripped the skin but I kept masturbating despite the burning and the blood”. It sounds like some rainforest clusterfuck where a stranded adventurer (covered with centipedes) left a radio on the floor playing advertisings while a cannibal tribe plays stuff and debates on whether they should eat him with snails or salvia spices.

“Anxeity” (No, I didn’t mistype) is a claustrophobic trip into some clogged toilets where strange stuff is happening like centipedes having a swim party on your face.  But wait, there is more! Because it slowly starts sounding like the said centipedes are munching on your insides. This is the kind of situation that could cause anxeity (still not mistyping!) indeed.

“It feels so good when my fetishes consume me” is somehow rythmy with kind of low-fi percussion repeating while goregrind vocals popping up like a maniac playing with the screaming blondie who just tripped on a rock.

“Machine Rave” makes me think of a less saturated Converter track with the “Hello , here are giant centipedes crawling all over your face” Formicophilia signature style. The most “structured” track of the bunch but still I don’t think it would be played in your next-door cybergoth party. I mean, it still sounds like a dystopian factory with guys eructating their lunch (which was of course consisting primarily of centipedes.).

No, seriously, such kind of music is really hard to describe another way than with the images coming to your head. Just throw an ear on it. It’s free and can be grabbed there 


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