Here is a drum’n’bass / breakcore release which only fault is being too short. It’s a split 4 track release by Bethas and Vaenus made available to us by the Worst Label (which is far from releasing the worst stuff I’ve heard in my life.)

As the EP’s artwork tells us, we’re not gonna get here into happy go pedy lolicore or anything close to this. It’s pretty dark. Not the oppressive kind of dark music but still dark. I’m still waiting to find something sounding really horrific regarding breakcore, if you know of any artist doing this, please let me know!

But back to our EP. I wouldn’t have been able to tell this EP is a split if I wasn’t told because the two projects production is pretty similar and the atmosphere conveyed is quite the same as well.
Some differences can be spotted though as Bethas seem to be focusing more on fat basses and is slightly darker while Vaenus is more relying on pads to convey it’s atmosphere. Also Vaenus’s beats go full-blown breakcore while Bethas has a much more d’n’b / electro approach on working out his beats.

All in all it’s a pretty enjoyable experience , please show them support here. 


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