With a name such as Slug Fucker, you can easily guess we’re diving once again in the consensual waters of goregrind. Well, it’s more like cybergrind here but who cares.

Slug Fucker is surprisingly slow for that style of music. No drilling blast beats here. Also the guitars are pretty much Super Nintendo guitars, which surprisingly blend well with the rest.

Also , Slug Fucker plays with samples a lot. Not just for introductions no, they use it as part of their happy and consensual songs about CliTford (a track with a really epic ending I must say) and friends, often in a humorous manner (and if you expected a band named “slug fucker” with such an artwork to go all serious and down the pathological road I can do nothing for you).

All in all , the song structures are very slammy like an elephant stepping on a pile of slugs. Vocals are varied , from the usual goregrind to those “liquid vocals” more common into gorenoise.

All in all a pretty decent release for people loving goregrind , gorenoise and the likes.

You can get this ep for free here. 


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