Yep, another Ghettololitech, pretty different form “Kawaiipsy”. No trance and bad trips here, we’re taking a ticket back to the rythms of good old techno. This album is really really long (74 minutes!) which is really rare for such kind of underground release.

Despite it’s length, Oppai loli bass 2 has no track to throw away or “filler” track. Maybe the production would have won being slightly worked on longer but that’s really looking for the bug in a barrel of pudding.

I find Esca-Chan to have a quite recognizable style in his works regarding every matter, from the way samples are used (these damn loli “huh huh han han” used as a rythmic tool for exemple), it’s simple yet tight and efficient beats (pretty much the antithesis of breakcore), minimalist yet carefully crafted approach etc.

It’s an album that delivers it’s wonders slowly but steadily, at least, that’s what I’m experiencing. First time I listened to it I was “not bad”, second time “hey, that’s actually pretty good” and I ended up being quite a fan of it (hence that early review done in between preparing the printing of new releases).

Each track manages to have it’s own identity and atmosphere even though we remain in retro stuff here all in all.  Also there are remixes by the almighty Edgelord (no, seriously, he’s that good) and another (pretty good!) one by Himeko Katagiri.

The album is free so you have no reason not to give it a try!
You can grab it here! 


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