This audial oddity is really something else. The release consists into a sole a bit less than ten minutes track. This is something that I really have heard nowhere else. It’s a strange mix of dark ambient, kinda noise parts and …. well… kinda baby songs with some guy doing weird grunts in the background. Yes, weird grunts, not grindcore grunts or pig squeals.

Sounds more like some goblin trying to please his wretched progeny while (poorly) playing flute. Oh yes, there is flute too.

And so it is there, alternating between lo-fi dark ambient and these moments of pure weirdness with babies, music box, flute and “uuuUUUU GA GA GRRRRRR GAGA UUUUAH”. So yeah, said like that it might sound stupid but don’t be fooled! It’s pretty well executed and does it’s work as being some kind of weird narrative music without taking itself seriously.
It is a most interesting trip that I recommend to lovers of music going out of usual audial boundaries.

You can throw an ear on it (and get links to more weird stuff) through there




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