Now for some harsh gorenoise. But not your regular harsh gorenoise. No, instead of pathological titles or downright silly titles here we’re served with bees (don’t get me wrong, I love when it goes silly I mean, I’m playing in Maximator guys). Yep, bees.

But it must be pretty fucking huge and pissed bees because I rarely heard gorenoise sounding that brutal and it says a lot! The bass is absolutely MASSIVE here and the production is definitely one step beyond usual gorenoise productions (don’t understand “your generic massive clean boring modern metal production”).

But that’s not all! Besides this sheer aggression, Royal Jelly delivers ambient tracks that really manage to create an eerie atmosphere that is fitting the whole concept in my opinion.

Vocals are usual massively effect-ridden liquidy stuff, the usual gorenoise thing. It blends very well with the rest and we can see Royal Jelly tried here too to bring some variety to it and make it really serving the song instead of making it the main focus.

All in all a really impressive release which I advice any gorenoise fan to check out now.
It can be grabbed here.


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