NEWS WEEK 07th MAY 2017

Hi, I know things have been pretty calm here lately but I’ve not been idle. First , some real-life shenanigans came in my way, giving me less time to take care of Moessacre.


  • Floppie’s “A tomato supreme” EP was released.
  • Tomatoism “Cutie!!” EP was released as well.

So yeah, also got busy struggling with casing supplier and printer, one being downright scamming me with shit quality casings (ordered new ones from another company) and the other being daaamn slow to deliver (but I got them!). First shippings will happen this week if the new company is not bullshitting me on their delivery delay (but I did some background check, it seems they’re doing their work professionally. The delivery is expected for tomorrow , Thursday in worst case).

Regarding the webzine!

Some reviews are on the way! I’ll add some things that have been released not so recently but seem to have passed under the radar such as the first awesome Morgon album!
Regarding interviews I should finally get Bubblegum Octopus’s answers. Some more are planned but I’m still preparing the whole thing.

Hope I’ll be able to get back to a more regular posting frequency soon!


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