MO – SOLILOGUY.EP (Dochakuso Records)

Stumbled upon this thanks to some tweet from Pencil. This EP is a really good surprise , never heard about that Mo but I’ll sure keep an eye on his future stuff.

So what do we have here? As the artwork tells us, it’s mostly lolicore. Mostly. Because there is that track 2 “Umi no mienai machi” that is a breakcore masterpiece. It’s not as much about the drum breaks than the actual breaking of the rhythmic melodic session behind the synths which gives it a really particular flavor. Definitely the strong moment of this ep in my humble opinion.

The other tracks are not to throw into the trash bin either though. “Soliloguy” and “Zoo!” are your regular well thought out lolicore tracks so any lover of the genre won’t be disappointed in any bit. “Pump up” is a lolicore / gabber version of some 90’s dance tune which I can’t remember the title. Very enjoyable as well!

All in all a pretty decent EP available for free here . I’ll definitely keep a closer look to Dochakuso records releases!



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