And here is the first power electronics review! It’s a genre that grew on me over time. Here we’re having a pretty good album dealing with children abuse as it’s title tells us.

This is very abrasive power electronics we’re given here. Don’t play it too loud at first because the distorted high frequencies used here are REALLY REALLY harsh! Pretty varied too! Each track has it’s own vibe even though the whole album feels totally coherent and does it’s job at dealing with the main topic here.

Also, Natihil is not joking around. The track “Kid Kills Friend On Facebook Live” actually features stuff from an infamous real footage about…kids killing a friend. It can be disturbing for the faint of heart but it does a great job at denouncing this kind of terrible bullshit which unfortunately does really happen.

All is done here to display the horror and utter violence of child abuse and I can say it perfectly works at denouncing this terrible reality.

I can’t really tell where other samples and speeches come from but if I get to know , I’ll update this review.

If you’re a lover of bands like Genocide Organ etc, you’ll certainly love your ears being abused by this album! You can grab it here.


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