OPERANT – ZERO KNOWLEDGE (Instruments of Discipline)

I didn’t know about the label Instruments of Discipline but if all of their releases are as good as this one I’m gotta keep an eye on their productions!

Operant is an industrial band which seems to be from Germany (I’m not 100% sure). They propose a very unique blend of industrial , harsh noise, kind of power electronics bits as well with some bits (and beats) which an electro industrial band would enjoy.

The industrial / death industrial part takes the cake though and even though you have these “electro industrial” beats, don’t expect any single second here sounding like some fucking clubby Suicide Commando tune. They keep it abrasive, experimental , dark, dystopian , don’t expect any single moment of relief from the negative vibes spewing beat after beat from this album.

The whole thing is supported by vocals which a power electronics project wouldn’t deny. I don’t know if the lyrics have any importance here as I can’t understand them. Here again, don’t expect anything “nice” , “beautiful” or “catchy”. The whole mix is pretty good at keeping it dirty without turning into some undecipherable mess.

I just wish it was longer because I can’t have enough of this!

It’s available as paid download and vynil edition. Totally worth the buy. And you can get it here.


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