This album is a collaboration between Harsh Noise Movement and the experimental Hip-Hop artist “Black Saturn”. It also features participation of Gimp Gash and I, Eternal but we’ll come to speak about that later.

Every track is a new version of “plastic people”. What I like with Harsh Noise Movement productions is that you never know exactly what will happen. In this first track, no real harsh noise. More a kind of really weird distorted percussion beat repeated over Black Saturn’s pretty mesmerizing declamation of his text. Besides that there is some recurring acid bass in the back ground and a weird melody which with the whole ensemble would make me think about some kind of twisted drunken buddhist monks procession or something like that.

The second track is what I would call kind of “harsh noise hip-hop” as it’s the same harsh noise pattern repeated over Black Saturn’s text. It works out as well as the first track.

Then comes a new challenger! Gimp Gash delivers something that The Art of Noise would probably not have denied (and I’m a sucker for The Art of Noise stuff). Then it progresses into something with a kind of depressed smooth jazz feeling while keeping something resolutely dirty. I would sure love to see an album featuring Gimp Gash beats with Black Saturn’s lyrics.

Then comes I Eternal’s part. It really concludes the whole album very well. It kinda “collapses” , mangling Black Saturn’s lyrics in some decaying noise sound that intensifies into some huge harsh noise wall and end in silence.

This is a very impressive work we’re having here and I urge you to give it a listen here.


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